The Kids Education Revolution is a bold and ambitious collective of schools and educational organizations that are working towards reimagining education at scale and are driven by a profound belief in the power of student leadership. It aims to influence the conversation of what constitutes an excellent education by listening to and learning from our children and youth to fulfill the individual potential of each child and the collective potential of our nation.

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Kids Education Revolution


When we strive for equality between the genders or races, the need for equal partnership in an educational system is part of the need of the hour as well!

At my school, HLC International, in Chennai, equal partnership is not only embedded in its philosophy, but is actively practiced as well.  We practice partnership in building a timetable and planning lessons that fit the needs of teachers and students alike.

Our school has adopted a rural school and works on training their teachers to provide a holistic education to students. We see this partnership come alive there as well, as we play a role in redesigning the educational system for that school. 

Along with teachers, students are entrusted with the freedom to take initiatives to morally guide each other in the form of open-discussions about social issues and take collective action.

From first-hand experience I can tell you, equal partnership has benefitted me immensely! Through equal partnership, I have experienced and applied the skills that I’ve been taught- to persuade, evaluate, listen and even use critical thinking. When discussing decisions with my teachers, I’ve become very self-aware- I’ve been able to reflect on things that I as a student need, the goals teachers have for us and how both of us can build an understanding with each other to find a middle ground where learning is both effective and enriching for the students and teachers alike. 

This being said, when the primary purpose of education is meant for everybody, why should it only be a one-way process? When learning is a continuous process, why should it stop with students? Be it teacher or student, learning something useful has always been rewarding and that’s exactly what equal partnership brings about.

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