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Kids Speak: How I Stay Cool During Assessment Time

Exam time can be very stressful for a lot of kids, including Sana Saifi, a grade 8 student from New Delhi. Here are some tips and tricks that help her destress during her exam time. Maybe they will work for you, too!


I think kids can destress by during exam time by using these helpful tips that work really well for me:


  1. After exams, kids often discuss the questions with each other. If they find that they might have made a lot of mistakes, they get really worried about their marks. Their confidence level decreases and they start to stress about the next exam and because of this stress, everything goes wrong. I think we should not immediately discuss the exam questions with other kids because we have finished the exam already and there is nothing we can change about it!
  2. Because of exam tension, kids start thinking, “Oh, now that our exams are coming, we should stop watching TV, and stop playing completely.” No, I don’t think we need to stop doing these activities. If we stop, our minds will be even more preoccupied and pressurised and because of that, we won’t even be able to study well. Yes, we could give these activities less time when we have exams but not avoid them altogether.
  3. It would also help us if our teachers are a little less stressed. If they are less stressed, we are less stressed. And if we are less stressed, teachers are less stressed too!
  4. We should have confidence in ourselves and believe that we CAN do this.


Even with all this, we will still make mistakes. Making mistakes is actually very helpful in overall learning. Sometime when kids write exams, they are scared of writing down some things because they might be mistaken. This stops them from expressing their thoughts, their views. When mistakes are punished in exams, kids will feel too scared to make mistakes. But to win in life, we have to lose sometimes and it’s really fine, because we learn from every mistake.


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  • Lakshit April 17, 2019 3:15 pm

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