The Kids Education Revolution is a bold and ambitious collective of schools and educational organizations that are working towards reimagining education at scale and are driven by a profound belief in the power of student leadership. It aims to influence the conversation of what constitutes an excellent education by listening to and learning from our children and youth to fulfill the individual potential of each child and the collective potential of our nation.

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KER Week 2018
Over the past year, the Kids Education Revolution began its journey conducting small workshops across seven cities in India to spark the idea of student leadership in students and educators. Those cities turned that spark into interactive and robust Regional Summits that not only amplified their students’ initiatives but also captured the unique flavour their city had to offer. Though this journey has been long and difficult, it is scattered with memories that make it extremely special. This February, the Kids Education Revolution National Summit went from being a nebulous concept, to a project in the pipeline, to a reality that brought together 125 student leaders and over 450 educators from across the country. We are so very proud to present these special moments from KER Week!
Revolutionary Retreat
In a three-day residential program that kicked off KER week, 101 student leaders from seven cities across India (and three from other countries!) came together for the KER Revolutionary Retreat. On the Indian Sea Cadet Corps’ Training Ship Jawahar, at the tip of Colaba, Mumbai, this diverse group of kids aged 8 to18 spent three days listening to and learning from each other and sharing their visions for a reimagined education. Through immersive, creative and experiential workshops, they developed 21st century skills by sharing the successes and struggles of their leadership journeys, connecting deeply with each other, and gearing up to take charge at the upcoming National Summit.
KER Night
KER Night marked the official launch of the Kids Education Revolution with an exciting evening of performances inspired by the theme “Why Does Voice Matter?” Hundreds of teachers, principals, corporate and social sector organizations, policy makers, and kids came together to celebrate the power of student expression. Music, dance, spoken word, and a provocative student panel all moved us closer to realizing the vision of an equal partnership between students and educators.
National Summit
On the 10th and 11th of February this year, 125 student leaders and over 450 educators from across the country gathered at the American School of Bombay for the Kids Education Revolution National Summit. The event offered students and educators the opportunity to exchange ideas, build belief in student voice, engage in personal and professional development, and reimagine education together.

The National Summit Core Experiences


I Can Land by the Riverside School:
Who says you have to be “old enough” to make the world a better place? In I Can Land, our student revolutionaries led educators in using the principles of design thinking adopted by the Riverside School—Feel, Imagine, Do & Share—to develop innovative solutions to real-world education challenges.
The “Upside Down” School by Teach for India:
Children spend the majority of their time in school—but rarely are they consulted about what they will learn and how it should be taught. Prompted by the question “Why is student voice important?” in the Upside Down School session, students and educators worked together to envision an ideal school.

The National Summit Choice Experiences


Young Explorers by B.D. Somani International School
In a session where students of primary school age used building blocks to create impressive and structurally sound creations, participants were floored by the ability of these children to use materials at their disposal creatively to explore different academic concepts. Through this activity, these very young but sprightly kids from B.D. Somani International School explored concepts such as spatial awareness, structural integrity and built on skills like creativity, collaboration, problem-solving.
Science Learning Lab by the Inqui-Lab Foundation:
The Science Learning Lab was a bustling space where students and adults together used scientific experiments to solve real-world problems. By using accessible and often otherwise discarded materials, participants were able to create easy-to-make, cost-effective solutions, such as an upcycled stool made from an old tire, plastic bottle and some rope.
Expression Land by the Akanksha Foundation:
The students of Akanksha Foundation explored how they could unleash their voice and find leadership in the visual arts. Participants were encouraged to create life manifestoes that were translated into beautiful works of art. Students then created a safe space for all participants to share these works with each other.
SLAM by Slam Out Loud:
The SLAM session saw the students of Slam Out Loud enable a space where participants, many of whom had little to no experience with poetry, felt comfortable to write and even perform their own poems. It was a warm and beautiful experience where the concept of voice was explored through powerful poetry.
KER Circles by Teach For India:
These “un-conference” circles called upon participants to crowdsource discussion topics of their choosing. Each circle was filled with a diversity of individuals including kids, teachers, principals and parents, who all felt strongly about the issues at hand, yet remained respectful and open to new ideas that were different from each other.