The Kids Education Revolution is a bold and ambitious collective of schools and educational organizations that are working towards reimagining education at scale and are driven by a profound belief in the power of student leadership. It aims to influence the conversation of what constitutes an excellent education by listening to and learning from our children and youth to fulfill the individual potential of each child and the collective potential of our nation.

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If you are a student, think about an average day in school. If you’re an adult, think back to when you were a school-going child. Can you recall a time when you sat in a hot, stuffy classroom, in a lesson that was supposed to last 45 minutes but felt like 4 hours? Your teacher goes over concept after concept, turning their back occasionally to scribble something on the board that dutifully copy into your notebook. You think to yourself, “When is that bell going to ring? I can’t wait to check my phone. Wonder what’s on TV when I get home…” This might be particularly relatable for students today as we become more and more married reliant on technology. Some might push back against this marriage to technology but what if we harnessed the immense possibilities technology has to offer to affect positive change in our societies? That’s what Sanjay Dalmia and his team at the OpenLinks Foundation are doing. This initiative started off a web platform that hosted educational videos from different subjects, grade levels, and curricula, but now also runs interventions in classrooms with middle-school age children, giving them a great platform, not only to learn in fun and innovative ways, but also to use technology to push their thinking and expand their learning in a myriad of ways everyday. Learn more about this wonderful initiative below!

The below post was contributed by Sanjay Dalmia, Founder of the Open Links Foundation. Thanks, Sanjay, for your contribution!


The OpenLinks Foundation ( drives fun and relevance in classrooms using open source videos. Students learn to make & see good educational videos. We aim to reduce student stress and weave 21st century skills into education.

Students lead as change agents. We seize the raw excitement & curiosity of students to adopt technology and induce fun. It is a unique bottoms-up approach for initiating  transformation in the education system.

We have two key programs through which we are executing our mission: – a curated and cataloged library of free videos from the web.

Atharva Club – student club for making videos and facilitating school transformation. is an Open Library of over 12,000 educational videos – curated and cataloged as per curriculum and books. It is a growing library – continuously added and refreshed by educators and volunteers. Watching these fascinating videos creates amazing classroom conversations.


“tickLinks helps me in class preparation. I can easily make my lesson plans. Good videos deepen my understanding and provide me with examples, analogies, and experiments for use in classroom. Since I benefitted, I contribute by cataloging videos on history in tickLinks. It is easy and I anyway look for these resources for my preparation.” -Souvik Choudhury, Teach For India Fellow 2017 


However, there are barriers to adoption of this simple technology – showing videos in classroom. There are last mile IT challenges like lack of projectors, computer maintenance, infected PCs and so on. It is difficult to change habits for example, using videos & discussions in classrooms instead of monologue teaching.

To address these issues we worked on developing a community of students to make videos in vernacular medium and local accents. Students learn in the process, they contribute to open source and their excitement provides energy for change. This leads us to our second program, the Atharva Club.


Atharva Club : Students from Class 6 to 9 learn to make short educational videos in an after school program. Making videos caters to many creative passions and freedom of expression. Video becomes the tool for learning and teaching. Bright talented young volunteers  interface with the students to guide them and serve as role models for life skills.

“Atharva Club gave an opportunity to explore my interests in drawing, story telling and computers. I am glad to be apart of Atharva Club and I enjoy how we play, learn and explore new topics at the same time” -Rachna Kushwaha, KLVS School, Pune


The questions, the involvement and the excitement of students in this process is palpable. Students show amazing urge to express, create and help. The volunteers facilitate a learning pathway of fun, responsibility and change.

Our goal is to provide low-income communities with access to high-quality education and life skills training. We are building a community of volunteers (called Saarthi fellows), students (members of Atharva) and curators to scale our mission.


You can help realise this goal in two ways!

1. tickLinks

Help yourself and the community by curating and cataloging videos at tickLinks. Help us grow and maintain the Library. You can do this from your home and need only 3 hours a week.

You get recognized as Saarthi Curator for your contribution.

2. Atharva Club

Are you passionate about teaching? Join hands to reimagine and transform education. Learn and Teach – educational video making to drive tech and fun in classrooms. Volunteer at school near you!

With Saarthi, undergo a transformational  journey in learning and leadership supported by our structured program.

To join the Atharva Club or tickLinks as a Saarthi Curator, reach out to Ashutosh Gharde at


Learn more about the OpenLinks Foundation on their website and Facebook page!

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