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Kids Speak: Caring for Each Other in an Independent Society

This post was contributed by Radha Shrivastav, a grade 8 student from RPV IP Extension School in New Delhi, India.


Independence is very important in order to live a happy and safe life. Many people might think that being independent means having to freedom to do whatever they want but that is not true. To me, independence means that we live our lives in our own ways, making our own choices, as long as we do not hurt others. Our country is independent. People in this country, including me are said to be independent but there one thing that we are not free from: crime.

Even though safety is a big part of independence, kids and women are not safe in our country. Cases involving kidnapping, rape, murder and so on seem to be increasing day by day. It is often said that all Indians are brothers and sisters but if we cannot take the responsibility of making sure our fellow Indians feel safe, how can we say that we are truly independent?

Right now, I am a school-going aged person and I know that I am dependent on my teachers, parents and others. It makes me feel good and happy to see my teachers, parents and other adults not depend on others so much but they were dependent on someone when they were my age. In the school setting, we have the independence to gain knowledge, which is so important to our lives as it opens doors to a bright future where we can exercise more and more independence. When I am their age, someone else will depend on me and I want my parents and family to be able to depend on me because it will be my time in the future to look after them and their safety, and I will be happy to do it.

For me, independence in a reimagined world would take the form of the LOVE people have for one another. If we start truly loving one another in this world, crime will go down on its own. When this happens, we can proudly say, “Yes, we are independent.”

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  • Kanak Tiwari August 29, 2018 3:15 pm

    Nice it really a very big inspiration
    And from now I will make sure that this message will go through everyone

  • Payal August 29, 2018 7:29 pm

    Its too good message for today’s Indians

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