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Kids Education Revolution

Can We Really Call Ourselves Independent?

This post was contributed by Jigyasa Labroo, Co-Founder of Slam Out Loud in New Delhi, India. Learn more about Slam Out Loud here!


We’re living in a time when our dreams especially for at risk children; are largely limited to academic outcomes and the security of employment. In the era of standardized tests, the fundamental idea of education that engages the spirit of the learner, that cultivates a soul that yearns for learning sounds radical.

For children, who have never seen open doors for voicing their opinions, telling their stories and weaving their words into metaphors,  to imagine a future of self-aware and empowered adults seems next to impossible. While I come from this nation where our very socio-economic fabric is twisted into the “haves and have-nots”, I believe that something as fundamental as finding our voice, being able to express oneself should not be limited to the privileged class.

Our classrooms are centred on mindless memorisation and a never-ending race for marks is taking over the everlasting desire to create. We’re building children to be consumers, of TV, of literature and not creators.

In the backdrop of this challenge, something as fundamental as an individual’s creativity and voice is often compromised.


What might enable our educators to create spaces where children learn independently, own their truth, rise up to it and speak it to power?


Only when our teachers and students become independent learners in their own right, learners who make space for simultaneous contradictory truths in the era of growing intolerance, who deepen in their values and grow in love, will we be stepping into a truly independent nation.


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