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A Different Way to Heal

This is Crishna Nag. He is a grade 11 student from Symbiosis International School, a vegan, and a really special kid. In a society where mental health and awareness about mental illness often get pushed to the back-burner, we believe his work is particularly important. Crishna wants to educate others about how drama can be therapeutic and can truly be used as a method of healing. By taking people through various dramatic and improvisational exercises, Crishna would like to show the world that drama can not only heal but is also viable career option for all the kids out there who have been told otherwise.

Crishna’s courage doesn’t just shine through his work but also through the challenges he has had to face and overcome throughout his life. Throughout the different battles that Crishna has had to face in his life, the theatre has always been his salvation. We hope that his work enables many other kids to find comfort and happiness through drama.

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