The Kids Education Revolution is a bold and ambitious collective of schools and educational organizations that are working towards reimagining education at scale and are driven by a profound belief in the power of student leadership. It aims to influence the conversation of what constitutes an excellent education by listening to and learning from our children and youth to fulfill the individual potential of each child and the collective potential of our nation.

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Learnings from Mumbai Regional Summit

Theme: Community among kids

Description: Across the range of projects, one common factor that particularly stood out was how students are aware of both some of the large and small problems in education and are already working towards changes. Aftab, Khushi and Nabeela said their belief is that “The deepest need of the human heart is to be understood.” Kids presented their projects and shared what they are passionate about. They conducted sessions and expertly exhibited art created by them.

Over the past several months, we have watched KER grow from just an idea to something that is real – something that we can see unfold in front of us. And as we explore the idea of student voice, one of the Mumbai student facilitators put it best: “When you give a chance to your smaller ones to speak, you do not become small. In fact, you become big in their eyes.”

  • Kids really WANT to help other kids.

From seeing students Awaish, Anup and Adnaan who were previously addicted start a de-addiction campaign to shift others, to seeing Aftab, Khushi and Nabeela use Stephen Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective teenagers to lead peer counseling sessions, to seeing Learn New, where Nisha has a whole multiplier plan to teach and spread leadership … we’re seeing that our kids are helping each other in beautiful and meaningful ways.

  • Kids projects aren’t staying small – they have the power of dreaming really big!

Gaurav Jha’s mentoring website has the goal of finding 50,000 mentors. He’s researched potential competitors and has an understanding of what he wants to do differently so he can help more kids find mentors.

  • Art is a powerful form of voice.

In a incredible art gallery, kids used mathematical equations and challenged us to move from the current dynamic where teachers have power over children (t>c) to building equal partnerships between teachers and children (t=c). Irfan, Sana and other friends also shared powerful monologues about what it’s like to be a kid who’s bullied, showing us the ways in which kids are empathising with each other.

  • Kids are proud of their communities and there is power in them sharing that.

Kids living in Dharavi have started a community project called “A Walk to Remember,” seeking to shift our thoughts on what Dharavi is by presenting the tremendous business ideas, unity of religion and opportunity in their community. Prince, Rohit and friends have started a parents’ literacy project called Aashayein because they were tired and upset with parents in their community being called illiterate. How powerful if every educator partnered with kids to see the positive aspects of all of our backgrounds and communities.

  • Kids LOVE to be appreciated.

Young students run parents meeting and then eagerly show you the feedback they’ve got on their idea – appreciation that will go such a long way in getting their projects to grow even more.

  • There is power in educators experiencing what it means to be a vulnerable child.

Raj, Vipin and their classmates after visiting a blind school decided to work on a project where they understood how to use braille, and last Sunday they blindfolded educators to have us experience what it’s like to learn that way.

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