The Kids Education Revolution is a bold and ambitious collective of schools and educational organizations that are working towards reimagining education at scale and are driven by a profound belief in the power of student leadership. It aims to influence the conversation of what constitutes an excellent education by listening to and learning from our children and youth to fulfill the individual potential of each child and the collective potential of our nation.

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Learnings from Hyderabad Regional Summit

Theme: A journey of building belief
Description: Watch demonstrations of innovative ways of teaching existing curriculum while leveraging individual students’ potential and listen to stories of students who are on interesting journeys!

The KER Hyderabad Regional Summit brought together 120 students and 60 educators together on one platform where we saw them share stories, learn from each other, run stalls and engage in experiences of all kinds. Major parts of this summit was designed, planned and facilitated by students, which deepened our belief about the importance of equal partnership between educators and kids, and the value of listening to and learning from each other.

  • Kids can be incredible facilitators and teachers.

From the opening meeting to the sessions themselves, students created wonderful learning opportunities for adults. Two of our students, Manish and Afiya led the “Mini Museum of Solutions” in which they got educators and kids to work on problem-solving together, and Hema and Bharat gave us a taste of the wonderful work that the InquiLab Foundation is doing in their “Science Learning Lab.”

What really stood out was how they put people at ease and encouraged participation. Manish and Afiya repeatedly told the participants in their session to “take a wild guess. There are no right or wrong answers.” Through these sessions, we realized that while giving opportunities to kids to facilitate, KER also gives adults the important opportunity to unlearn our role as the person in the room who always has the answers or authority.

Apart from the facilitators at the Summit, we also met students who are passionate about leading the change in education themselves.

Huda proudly told us, “Though I myself am a child, I love children. That’s why I want to teach.”

Yamini and Tejashree, two sparky young girls, told us about Project Literacy, which they started because one of their younger brothers in grade 2 couldn’t read. He can now, and Yamini and Tejashree feel that more than the kids they teach, “I am benefitting. I want to take this to other schools. If we all learn, we will all be equal.” As we think about expanding the scope of our work, who better to take this forward than kids?! Getting kids to teach each other is powerful and has the ability to leave a deep impact on a huge scale.

  • That there’s huge value in learning through doing.

In the current system that’s dominated by book-learning, our kids’ way of thinking and solutions are still fairly predictable and conventional. Platforms like InquiLab and tools like design thinking give them chances to think out of the box. Kids’ creativity and imagination can be simply ignited by giving them opportunities to learn through building and creating.

Across Hyderabad, we’ve seen that students are working on the fascinating range of projects rooted in empathy and human-centered insights. We saw Hema design a solar stall with her friends so the chaiwallah (tea seller) near her school wouldn’t have his business suffer after dark. We met Saiteja, who’s used magnets to build an anti-thief home with a false door and trap for potential burglars.

  • KER builds belief and community amongst students and educators.

KER gave a chance for many of these students to come together, celebrate each other’s work, and realize that the small change they’re working towards will lead towards big change. As Manish put it, “The Kids Education Revolution means to bring a big change in communities and then the world through education.”

Here are some of the things we heard students and adults saying at the Regional Summit:

“I felt so happy because everyone showed their talents.”

“I feel excited to do more things in the future.”

“Next I want to go to the National Summit.”

“It pushed my limits today seeing how these kids facilitated the sessions.”

“I felt like I was in a dream.”

  • That we can learn the Growth Mindset of students.

After explaining their projects, every group of students asked for genuine, meaningful feedback. They didn’t seem content with just having a strong initial idea but instead were looking for ways in which they could improve. That’s an attitude that would serve all of us so well as we continuously learn and grow on our own journeys.

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