The Kids Education Revolution is a bold and ambitious collective of schools and educational organizations that are working towards reimagining education at scale and are driven by a profound belief in the power of student leadership. It aims to influence the conversation of what constitutes an excellent education by listening to and learning from our children and youth to fulfill the individual potential of each child and the collective potential of our nation.

Teach For India,
2nd Floor, Godrej One, Pirojshah Nagar,
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Our Journey

In September 2016, like-minded partners came together to dream about what a reimagined education could look like. Together, we had 100 years of experience delivering an excellent education to our students in different ways.

Akanksha’s schools deliver high-quality education to children from low-income communities.

American School of Bombay is a world-class school for students from high-income backgrounds intent on empowering students to realise their potential and enhance lives of others.

Avasara Academy is a progressive secondary school educating exceptional young girls to lead change, contribute to society and live lives of distinction and impact.

Millions of children across the world are using design thinking and learning 'I Can' through Be The Change Conferences and Design For Change by Riverside.

Teach For India is building a movement of leaders to eliminate educational inequity in India. Exploration of student leadership started with the Maya Musical.

Over time, we evolved a vision of a future where children and adults could work together to reimagine education.
Where we could listen to, and learn from each other.
Where our children could come together, in a movement to reimagine education.
Gradually, more organisations joined the collective.

Inqui-Lab Foundation seeks to develop curious and innovative children who identify and solve problems they see around them to build a better tomorrow for themselves and others.

BD Somani’s young students build complex structures using blocks to learn about the world around them and grasp 21st-century skills.

This organisation helps students find their unique voices through the medium of slam poetry and spoken word and through this practice, develop the self, connect deeply with others, and increase social consciousness and awareness.

TickLinks aims to create a comprehensive directory of educational videos to enable holistic learning.

Simple Education Foundation designs & implements holistic learning models that aim to transform and strengthen the public schools from within.

Over the past year, staff and students from this collective have met at each other’s spaces to really listen to and learn from each other.

You can read a detailed version of Teach For India’s journey with Student Leadership here.

KER this year

United by a vision to work with our students to reimagine education, the KER Collective have spent time this year, getting to know each other, embarking on a journey of student partnership and voice.

Meetings of the KER Collective

With the belief that collective action is critical if we want to reimagine education, partners come together every few weeks, in person, to learn from each other. Meetings this year have included being pushed by the Kindergarten students at BD Somani, a workshop where we stepped back to visualize student leaders who we know led by Avasara Academy, and conversations with third standard students at Ascend school about what school means to them.

The KER Journey
Over the past year, our journey has included:
  • A core team from Teach for India sparking the idea of Student Leadership by conducting workshops for kids and educators across the country.
  • 7 regional summits that brought together over 1500 students and 600 educators from diverse backgrounds to listen to and learn from each other.
  • KER Week in February, 2018, where 125 student leaders and over 450 educators came together for a week of learning and inspiration. This experience consisted of:
  • A three-day residential Revolutionary Retreat program, where 101 student leaders from across the country came together to share their stories of growth, connect with each other, built important 21st Century skills by attending interactive workshops, and prepared to host the KER National Summit.
  • KER Night, the official launch of KER, where over 800 audience members witnessed the power of student voice through magical performances by students around the theme, “Why Does Voice Matter?”
  • The KER National Summit, where our 101 student leaders, between the ages of 10 and 18, from a great diversity of backgrounds, hosted an education conference for over 450 educators, and thereby demonstrated the power of students as partners in a reimagined education.

The Museum of Solutions

Led by the Jindal Foundation, in close partnership with Teach For India, a Museum of Solutions is being built in a beautiful three-story building in Mumbai. The Museum of Solutions is envisioned as an imaginative space where kids work together to create and share real-world solutions for a better world.

Want to learn more about the Kids Education Revolution Regional Summits?

Looking Forward

Earlier this year, the KER team at Teach for India was asked to think about what our dream is for student leadership. As a result of this exercise, we came up with these five distinct ideas that will serve as the foundation of our work moving into the second year of KER.